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Hydrating you with inspiration.

Inspired Bottle Company was created to be an agent of change. We want to be there for you during those moments in life when you need a simple reminder. Whether that reminder is a faith affirmation or encouragement to hydrate, we are committed to you. In our mission, we set out to create premium quality water bottles that merges sacred text with a beautiful and functional design. 

In our commitment to be an instrument of change, we are partnering exclusively with Haiti Outreach to help build communities in Haiti by providing sustainable clean water solutions.

Read on to learn more about us and what we do.

Our Premium Products

Look No Further

The 4:13 Bottle

For the driven

We all need inspiration. Here at Inspired Bottle, Philippians 4:13 has been a core scripture verse that has served to encourage us and push us through those stressful moments in life. This is why we created the 4:13 Bottle.

When those stressful moments in life capture you, we hope a glance at this bottle will trigger a reminder that you can indeed push through the task ahead. This is a reminder that God is indeed with you, in you and can achieve it because it is indeed Christ who strengthens you.


Our Logo

The Olive Tree

At the center of our logo we have the olive tree, a symbol of peace. Shining onto the olive tree is light. These two symbols are very deeply rooted in Christianity, and we believe they are an excellent representation for our brand.

Haiti Outreach pic.jpg

Haiti Outreach

Our Partnership

For over 20 years, Haiti Outreach has collaborated with communities in rural Haiti with the vision of helping Haiti become a developed country. 

Their mission focused on 3 areas: clean water, education, and economic development. After having visited Haiti ourselves, we here at Inspired Bottle Co truly believes in their mission.

A portion of each sale will go towards helping Haiti Outreach. 

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